Do You Think Voting Matters? by Lee Burkett

A must read on why voting is pointless.


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Here’s the thing:

For years I’ve been pointing out that the selected candidates we’re given are vetted, groomed, funded and promoted by corporate interests. They are compromised, directed and owned. Thus, any candidate who gets to the position of being viable has proven one thing- they know how to rise to the top of a thoroughly corrupt system. They are the very best players in a crooked game.

What’s that say about them? And what does it say about us?

And for years I’ve been pointing out that the vote is meaningless. It has no effect on larger agendas. I became a conscientious objector to the vote based on years of close observation of the political machine. I did not chose to be contrary. My intellect led me to conclude that meaningful change cannot, will not, be brought about by the electoral process.

But that was, I must admit, my…

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So You Think Hillary Clinton is the “Lesser of Evils”? Think Again!

As these articles illustrate, the lesser of two evils is still evil. Voting for the lesser of two evils over the past hundred years is how we got to this place. And as is illustrated, how do we REALLY know who is the lesser evil? It’s time to withdraw consent!


Introduction by Thomas Baldwin:  This blog contains a compilation of recent articles published on Websites and appearing on Facebook describing aspects of Hillary Clinton’s behavior and performance and focusing on mostly foreign affairs.  Two of my recent blogs, (1) and (2) gave a large number of illustrations of how she and Bill Clinton have handled their financial affairs, both professionally and personally.  Together these blogs provide ample evidence of why Hillary should never become president and how, if by chance she does, will cause an unmitigated disaster to the welfare and continuance of a United States of America. As Ralph Nader has said repeatedly:  “Hillary Clinton is a Corporatist and a Militarist.” Effective leadership consists of both character and competence and determine the trust followers have in their leaders.  These articles all address both and the overwhelming evidence is that she lacks important qualities of  both, which is consistent with…

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Bernie’s “dream” is a Nightmare

Great article on Bernie from the Peace Resource

The Peace Resource

photofromtelesur-reutersBernie has not been real helpful to the people he represents during his career in the U. S. Congress.

Sanders has been abandoning principles to circumstance.
Since his early career and for the past 15 years he has virtually surrendered to the corporate elite. He agrees to become war-tender of: 27 avoidable wars, a rogue drone program known to kill an average of 50 innocents per strike, bombing a couple of weaker and less powerful (often Muslim) nations per year or so.  And in an aggressive posture towards the globe, Bernie (who would be the leader of the richest and most powerful empire on earth) is OK with sending the Army, Navy, Marines, FBI, CIA or whatever it takes in avoidable wars of aggression for the corporate bottom line. These www.doomsteaddiner.netunnecessary conflicts cost trillions of dollars and take millions of lives for the benefit of the 1%. These fortunate few watch…

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Sanders is no Socialist

True Bernie is no Socialist.

The Peace Resource

“Judge a man by his questions, rather than his answers.”  ~Voltaire 

Bernie Sanders Isn’t Socialist Enough for Many Socialists

bernieseattle“He isn’t an anti-capitalist! He is for reforming capitalism, not changing capitalism. He is really a lot closer in ideology to Hillary Clinton than he is to me,” said Stephen Durham, the 2012 presidential nominee of the Freedom Socialist Party. “His is the politics of a lesser evil among some very bad choices.”

“He is a progressive on the home front, but he is pretty reactionary when it comes to foreign policy,” says Gloria La Riva, the 2016 presidential nominee for the Party of Socialism and Liberation. “He supported the Israeli war against Gaza. He supports the drone bombing campaigns in other countries, which is a war crime.”

paine…Should Sanders win the presidency, she added, he would, like the other major party candidates “become the CEO of the capitalist system of…

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No One Died So That I Could Choose The Lesser Evil by Lee Burkett


Emma Goldman--If voting changed anything

Special thanks to Lee Burkett for permitting me to publish this original piece.

December 18, 2015

Here’s the thing: I am opposed to voting. I make that quite clear, as I also make quite clear my reasons for doing so; that today the vote has no meaning, no power to bring about meaningful change.

On an almost daily basis, as the election circus cranks up, I am confronted by very angry people who demand to know how I can give up this most American, this most democratic right that previous generations fought for, sacrificed for and died for. In my minds eye I imagine them draped in Old Glory while the rockets red glare gives proof through the night that the flag is still there. They say I’m giving up. They say I’m giving in. They say if I don’t vote then I can’t complain.

Well … I support the…

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Bernie Sanders is old and wrong

Thanks for a truthful article for once!

The Peace Resource

Bernie Sanders supporters should really take the time to examine his foreign policy record before making assumptions about it.

No, he’s not antiwar.

No, he’s not a noninterventionist.

No, he didn’t only vote to “support the troops” stationed overseas.

mynzahosiris.wordpress.comBernie – like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Rubio, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and every other Republican and Democrat running for office – is an imperialist, and his long political history clearly reflects this..

Bernie voted in favor of HR 3107 – Iran and Libya Sanctions Act of 1996, which “imposes sanctions on persons exporting certain goods or technology that would enhance Iran’s ability to explore for, extract, refine, or transport by pipeline petroleum resources, and for other purposes.”

quote-if-we-don-t-end-war-war-will-end-us-h-g-wells-195757In 1997, Bernie voted for HR 2159 – Foreign Operations FY98 Appropriations bill, which included: $3 billion for Israel, including $1.8 billion…

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Obama Failed at Home and Abroad–From the Peace Resource and Alternet Staffs

This article tells the truth about Obama- come and get it!


Peace Resource logoThe Peace Resource

Writing, Organizing, & Creative Arts

obamaObama has not really done “better” at home or abroad.
In military affairs, he has spent trillions of dollars, killing millions and created a military boondoggle which will take half a century to repair. And while our infrastructure declines at home, he has created an additional 150 combat ready bases worldwide to enforce his tyranny.
Obama has governed like a right winger at home and abroad. And we are paying the price.

Health care reform

Not yet

1. On Healthcare, we are now forced to pay ever-increasing amounts to insurance cartels who leave 31 million Americans without health care. He has been more willing to compromise than make rules.

2. On Immigration, he has deported more than two million people, more than any president in history. He has been breaking up families for no apparent reason. “Deportations have become…

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