“This Is An Absolutely Corrupt Process” – Clinton’s Deleted Emails Won’t Be Released Until After The Election by Tyler Durden

I am not the slightest bit surprised!



Posted by Thomas Baldwin, Editor:  Note added by editor.  It looks as if we may have our answers to these questions from Julian Assange before our corrupt government can produce.  The Obama administration has shown it’s quiet willingness to protect Hillary Clinton and Obstruct Justice from its corruption in the Department of Justice and the State Department.  Thank goodness for whistleblowers!

Published from Zero Hedge, unedited’

Sep 23, 2016 2:59 PM

One month ago, we reported that the State Department announced some good and some bad news for transparency advocates was disclosed, when Hillary Clinton’s former employer said it would release all of the deleted work-related emails that the FBI recovered from Hillary Clinton’s private system, eliminating the possibility that the messages will remain secret. The State Dept had “voluntarily” agreed to produce non-exempt agency records responsive to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request. That was the good news. The bad…

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