Do You Think Voting Matters? by Lee Burkett

A must read on why voting is pointless.


Clinton_Corruption_1_536x750--cookie jars

Here’s the thing:

For years I’ve been pointing out that the selected candidates we’re given are vetted, groomed, funded and promoted by corporate interests. They are compromised, directed and owned. Thus, any candidate who gets to the position of being viable has proven one thing- they know how to rise to the top of a thoroughly corrupt system. They are the very best players in a crooked game.

What’s that say about them? And what does it say about us?

And for years I’ve been pointing out that the vote is meaningless. It has no effect on larger agendas. I became a conscientious objector to the vote based on years of close observation of the political machine. I did not chose to be contrary. My intellect led me to conclude that meaningful change cannot, will not, be brought about by the electoral process.

But that was, I must admit, my…

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