So You Think Hillary Clinton is the “Lesser of Evils”? Think Again!

As these articles illustrate, the lesser of two evils is still evil. Voting for the lesser of two evils over the past hundred years is how we got to this place. And as is illustrated, how do we REALLY know who is the lesser evil? It’s time to withdraw consent!


Introduction by Thomas Baldwin:  This blog contains a compilation of recent articles published on Websites and appearing on Facebook describing aspects of Hillary Clinton’s behavior and performance and focusing on mostly foreign affairs.  Two of my recent blogs, (1) and (2) gave a large number of illustrations of how she and Bill Clinton have handled their financial affairs, both professionally and personally.  Together these blogs provide ample evidence of why Hillary should never become president and how, if by chance she does, will cause an unmitigated disaster to the welfare and continuance of a United States of America. As Ralph Nader has said repeatedly:  “Hillary Clinton is a Corporatist and a Militarist.” Effective leadership consists of both character and competence and determine the trust followers have in their leaders.  These articles all address both and the overwhelming evidence is that she lacks important qualities of  both, which is consistent with…

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