Obama Failed at Home and Abroad–From the Peace Resource and Alternet Staffs

This article tells the truth about Obama- come and get it!


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obamaObama has not really done “better” at home or abroad.
In military affairs, he has spent trillions of dollars, killing millions and created a military boondoggle which will take half a century to repair. And while our infrastructure declines at home, he has created an additional 150 combat ready bases worldwide to enforce his tyranny.
Obama has governed like a right winger at home and abroad. And we are paying the price.

Health care reform

Not yet

1. On Healthcare, we are now forced to pay ever-increasing amounts to insurance cartels who leave 31 million Americans without health care. He has been more willing to compromise than make rules.

2. On Immigration, he has deported more than two million people, more than any president in history. He has been breaking up families for no apparent reason. “Deportations have become…

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