Bernie Sanders is old and wrong

Thanks for a truthful article for once!

The Peace Resource

Bernie Sanders supporters should really take the time to examine his foreign policy record before making assumptions about it.

No, he’s not antiwar.

No, he’s not a noninterventionist.

No, he didn’t only vote to “support the troops” stationed overseas.

mynzahosiris.wordpress.comBernie – like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Rubio, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and every other Republican and Democrat running for office – is an imperialist, and his long political history clearly reflects this..

Bernie voted in favor of HR 3107 – Iran and Libya Sanctions Act of 1996, which “imposes sanctions on persons exporting certain goods or technology that would enhance Iran’s ability to explore for, extract, refine, or transport by pipeline petroleum resources, and for other purposes.”

quote-if-we-don-t-end-war-war-will-end-us-h-g-wells-195757In 1997, Bernie voted for HR 2159 – Foreign Operations FY98 Appropriations bill, which included: $3 billion for Israel, including $1.8 billion…

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