Are you Confused by the Middle East? by William Blum in the Anti-Empire Report

Please read this very important post on the Mideast with an open mind. You owe it to yourself and the world.


This report is presented in its entirety at this source:  The Anti-Empire Report #140

William Blum picture“Are you confused by the Middle East? Here are some things you should know. (But you’ll probably still be confused.)

The US, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and the Gulf monarchies have all in the recent past supported al Qaeda and/or the Islamic State (ISIS) with arms, money, and/or manpower.

The first example of this was in 1979 when the United States began covert operations in Afghanistan, six months before the Russians arrived, promoting Islamic fundamentalism across the southern tier of the Soviet Union against “godless communism”. All the al-Qaeda/Taliban shit then followed.

In addition to Afghanistan, the United States has provided support to Islamic militants in Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, the Caucasus, and Syria.”

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