Chris Hedges Interviews Sheldon Wolin on: Can Capitalism and Democracy Co-Exist?


Democracy Inc. by Sheldon Wolin

Compiled by Thomas Baldwin

November 10, 2012



In an update to this post I have added a recent post by Chris Hedges on Truthdig which summarizes some of his discussion with Wolin and adds his own:

Why We Need Professional Revolutionists

 Can Capitalism and Democracy Co-exist?  Original sements on  in November 2014. Wolin’s book         “Democracy Inc.,  Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism.”

The series of videos on The Real News: 

“Imagine Living in a Socialist USA“: New Book Envisions Greater

Democracy, World Without Capitalism

We end today’s show looking at a new book titled “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA.”…

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