Minarchy, State, Utopia

Why I am an anarchist.

We The Individuals

Bill of RightsBy Jeff Peterson II

Special Thanks to Jeffrey A. Tucker, Rocco Stanzione, Amanda BillyRock, and Murray Rothbard

A definitive divide between anarchists and minarchists has always been present, but it is not a threshold so large and cavernous that no one can crossover to anarchism. My intentions with this article are to extend a hand out to minarchists, offering some pathways and bridges from minarchism to anarchism. I will be criticizing minarchism as an end, not as a means to an end. Once being a minarchist myself, as most anarchists once were, I can relate to rejecting anarchism because of many preconceived notions as to what anarchism is and isn’t, and the role of the state. Fundamentally, it is the role of the state where minarchists and anarchists find their greatest disagreements. These often lead to ideological standoffs, with neither party willing to budge. It often breaks down from an intellectual debate to…

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